Sunday, 17 January 2016

Static Shock, and still no snow to speak of :(

I am quite sure that I have never gotten as many static shocks in my 20-odd years of life in Australia, as I have since moving to Canada! Every time I turn around, whether at home or at work, I am getting a solid static shock and it is driving me insane.

From what I understand, its due to the dry weather and the lack of humidity. We're trying to find a little water fountain to keep at home that will hopefully help to reduce the amount of static shocks Sunset and I are getting, but there doesn't seem to be much I can do about the ones I'm getting at work. Bummer.

It has been snowing yesterday and today, which has really caused the pace to pick up at work. It's like everyone has suddenly realised that it IS winter, and that its a good idea to own a coat and/or some solid winter boots. Funny that!

I enjoyed the snow today though, what little of it I saw. It was big, fat and fluffy flakes that were being puffed around on a light breeze. It wasn't overly cold, but they weren't melting fast and when we finished work, there was a nice dusting on the ground. It should snow more over the next few days, but we'll see if it actually happens. I'm still quite disappointed in the lack of winter that is happening so far, and I'm wondering if it'll actually pick up - we are in the middle of January now! - or if this lacklustre effort is as good as it is going to get.

I told Sunset the other day that we need a backyard, so I can play in the snow without being judged by a whole apartment building full of neighbours; I really like snow so far, but all I've been able to do is crunch my way through it and occasionally grab a handful of the stuff to oggle at.

Tomorrow I have a short shift, and then Sunset and I are going to Toronto on Tuesday to see the Phantom of the Opera on stage, and check out the Aquarium. I'm really looking forward to both!


  1. Static shocks are a real nuisance and can be painful so I feel for you 🙁 I hope you get more snow to enjoy enough to build a snowman☃we are sweltering in the high 30☀️

    1. I really don't enjoy them! Mum's car used to give off a few seemingly at random but its just been so frequent lately I'm pretty timid about touching stuff, including customers at work because of the charges that build up. They're terrible!

      The weather sites say to expect more snowfall, but I'll believe it when I see it at this stage. It really hasn't gotten that cold though. I think the worst it has been is minus 10 or so, and "feels like" -20 because of the wind chill, but I'm rarely outside at those times haha.

      I saw the other day that it got almost to 40 in some areas! I do not envy you guys the heat at all!