Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Forgot my iPad, and Toronto Adventures

Not very happy with myself, forgetting my iPad! Especially after I downloaded every free book I could find in preparation for the train trip to keep me occupied. Since I forgot it, I have to use my iPhone as a book, which isn't bad per se, but I'd rather not drain the battery too much with no where to recharge it. Besides, once we land in Toronto I will need my phone to take photos of all the fishes in the aquarium! 

It's kind of bitterly cold today; it would be fine without the wind but you know, the wind is a bitch! Oh well! We won't be outside too much today, so I can tough it out like a big girl. 

The train is comfortable, and the view our the window is kind of lovely. There still isn't a whole lot of snow, but there is more of it left in the paddocks we are passing than there is in the city! 

Taking photos from the movie train isn't the best, but here is one anyway!

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